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FOX MOBILE MUSIC was one of the first Houston companies to offer a combined DJ / Karaoke show.  Our karaoke shows feature  Pioneer laser discs and DVD's with an MTV type video, as well as lyrics that change color as you sing.  We have 800 songs available in this state of the art format.  Follow the links for our song list.

Basic shows include a 13" monitor for the stage as well as 3 microphones for the singers.  Show sizes can be tailored to your event by adding more monitors.  An 6' X 8' large screen video projection system will make for a great party atmosphere and enhance your event.  It will allow the singers and karaoke to be shown to all your guests.      

Our other systems

We also have CD-G systems available. These systems include the lyrics on the screen but with no background video.

FOX MOBILE MUSIC was selected to provide the entertainment on the karaoke stage for two of the largest events in Houston.

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1998, 99, 00, 01,02 BP CHILDRENS FESTIVAL


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& 1999

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We also were the karaoke provider for the Houston Heights festival in 2000 &2001.